With only approximately 36% of U.S. citizens holding passports, it is safe to say that our view (collectively speaking) of the world is limited to our media consumption. Before traveling to Colombia, I received a multitude of questions and *side eyes* because of the show, ‘Narcos’. “Is that not dangerous? Are drugs not running ramped?” While, Pablo Escobar was a real man, and cocaine is a real drug, that is not the essence of the country. Colombia is an amazing country, rich in culture, that has so much to offer. Colombia is only one example, but I hear many negative comments pertaining to travel. “It’s not safe out there.” It’s not safe here. It’s not “safe” anywhere. I can walk out of my apartment in suburban Orlando, FL and be killed. Crime is not geographically exclusive. If Atlanta, GA is more than the Real Housewives, Colombia is more than Narcos. Let’s stop making assumptions.

This is far from being a “bash everyone who has never traveled” post. I simply urge everyone to travel. Travel is the best form of education. There is an entire world that exists outside of U.S. borders, and that world is incredible. Even If you are currently unable to travel, read and do research. If you live in the U.S., we live in a nation of immigrants. Go talk to someone about their country, culture, and experiences. We have all been stereotyped to some degree, and we don’t appreciate that. It is our civic duty to not perpetuate stereotypes by placing them onto others. Let’s not make assumptions. Let’s have an open mind. Let’s travel.

Have any of you been scared to travel to a city or country because of a movie? Have you heard similar comments? Feel free to leave comments.


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