20 Gifts for the Traveler

With only approximately 11 days, 12 hours, and 40 minutes left until Christmas, we can all agree that 2017 was a blur. Time is literally winding down by the second. Maybe time escaped you, and you have purchased zero gifts. Maybe you have that one friend that you have no idea what to buy! Even if you are an over-achiever and have finished your Christmas shopping, this post can still be helpful for your future gift-giving needs. If you have any friends, family members, co-workers, or even strangers-on-the-internet in your life that enjoy traveling, seek no further. I have compiled a list of 20 items that every traveler could use in their life and separated them by budget. They also include a hyperlink to an item that will save you some time. Happy Gift Giving!

Disclaimer: Prices may change on the retailer’s website at any time. 

Gifts Under $20

1. Carry-On Cocktail Kit: This item is perfect for the jet-setters that enjoy a nice cocktail. I actually purchased one for my own stocking stuffer! You can pick one up for just $9.99 at your local target.

2. Travel AdapterFor the international travelers, this device is essential. All sockets are not created equal, and we all need to charge our devices.

3. 6 in 1 Travel Accessories Kit: If a few of these items sound good to you, you may choose to purchase this travel kit. It includes TSA lock, luggage scale, international travel Adapter, passport cover, eye mask, and earplugs – all in one!

4. Personalized Travel Journal: Personalized is the way to go! Especially if the person holds a special place in your heart. Etsy is a great place to go for personalized gifts and provides various price points.

5. Personalized Neck Pillow:  Again, with the personalization, Alycia? Yes! Personalized gifts are ALWAYS better. I take pride in gift giving and the thoughtfulness that it requires. You should definitely go personal with this one. Try a favorite sports team or cartoon, maybe even a monogrammed pillow.

6. Passport Cover + Luggage Tag: Another easily customized gift! As an avid traveler, I love having a unique passport cover/luggage tag. They are fun, and it makes spotting my luggage on the baggage claim carousel much easier. I also gain compliments from strangers in the security line.

7. Lightweight Tripod: If the traveler in your life loves photography and already has a camera (or enjoys using their phone), a small/portable tripod is a great idea.

8. Accessory Case/Cable Organizer: Headphones, phone chargers, camera chargers, etc. It can easily become a mess and frustrating to dig through a bag to find them. This accessory case makes it easy to keep your cords in one place.

9. Fold-able/Waterproof Duffel Bag: This lightweight/foldable/waterproof duffel bag is sure to go over well with the minimalist traveler.

10. Hanging Organizer/Toiletry Bag: Who doesn’t want to make packing easier and save space? A toiletry bag is a must for travelers

Gifts Under $30

11. Portable Charger: A portable charger is never a bad thing to have, in any instance. Be mindful that all power banks are not created equal and some charge REALLY slow. You will probably want to go with a moderately priced option for this gift. This one is especially great for concert/festival-goers.

12. 4-Piece Packing Cube Set: “For some, packing a suitcase is an art form. For others, an essential part of routine travel plans. Either way, the AmazonBasics packing cubes help keep your belongings neatly stored and conveniently organized. Best of all, the fabric containers protect garments against wrinkles, reducing the need to iron once you arrive at your final destination.” Enough said, Amazon. Enough said.

13. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: Maybe you know an adventurer that likes to hike, camp or loves the beach. A portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker will go over really well! You can also opt for a more expensive Bluetooth speaker if sound quality is the most important feature.

Gifts Under $60

14. Bluetooth Headphones: No one can ever have too many pairs of headphones. I lose a pair pretty much every week! You can go below $10 with this one or really expensive and purchase high-quality headphones. Bluetooth headphones come in handy for iPhone users and gym rats.

15. Vintage Globe: This item is perfect for the vintage lover or the home décor guru. A beautiful globe to accent their home and express their love for travel; what could go wrong?

Gifts Over $100

16. Samsonite Spinner Luggage: I traveled with the same broken carry-on for years until I finally broke down and purchased some quality luggage, and it felt amazing! The 360 wheels make it so much easier to maneuver through the airport. You can find these at all major department stores such as Kohl’s JCP, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, and Target – or at Amazon of course! They are a bit pricey but worth the investment.

17. Go Pro Camera: Another gift idea for the photography lover or travel vlogger. Go Pro cameras are for the adventurers, as they are small, portable, and usually waterproof. This $199 bundle includes GoPro HERO5 Session, memory card, USB cable, curved adhesive mount, flat adhesive mount, mounting adapter, and frame. It’s worth a look.

18. Drone: Drones are an emerging trend, and a fantastic way to get creative photos and video. Best Instagram pictures ever? Maybe.

It’s a Wrap

19. Amazon Gift Card: Gift cards typically require the least amount of thought, but in this case, it is pretty thoughtful. Travelers are always looking for ways to save money, and your gift could help. Amazon is your best bet because it’s Amazon. They can buy literally everything there. I’d also recommend gift cards for Airbnb, a preferred hotel chain, airline, etc.

20. Wrapping Paper: After you have selected the perfect gift for your vagabond, wrap it up (pun intended) with some travel themed wrapping paper. You could buy it, or make it yourself with old maps. It will be the perfect touch to a perfect gift.

The beauty of this list is that many items have options that differ in price. Perhaps you liked the headphones idea for Secret Santa gift but don’t want to spend $60. There are much cheaper options for that same item, easily found at your fingertips. Maybe you would like to give your significant other a travel journal but you don’t want to be cheap. You can go with a handmade leather option at a higher price point. There is something to be found for everyone and every budget on this list. I hope this helps!

Happy Holidays!


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